Raytheon Australia Launches ‘Invested in Exmouth’ Program
Raytheon Australia launches a new, multi-year community and workforce skilling initiative to mark its 10th anniversary in Exmouth.

EXMOUTH, Western Australia (31 March 2023) – Raytheon Australia announced today the launch of the “Invested in Exmouth” program, which is designed to provide the community with the robust skills and knowledge needed to create strategic naval and space capabilities at the Harold E. Holt, or HEH, precinct.

Speaking from Exmouth, Raytheon Australia Managing Director Michael Ward announced the establishment of the program. “The ‘Invested in Exmouth’ program is a new multi-year initiative that will expand on our existing investments while introducing several new community partnerships aimed at developing and keeping world-class talent in Exmouth. Through this program we are reinforcing our commitment to build the resilience of this community.”

The “Invested in Exmouth” program includes a new partnership with the South Metropolitan TAFE to bring Western Australia’s best training practices to regional education bodies – enabling these organisations to train the Exmouth workforce locally. In addition, Raytheon Australia is introducing:

  • 10 new scholarships for students enrolled in Exmouth High School.
  • More defence industry rotations in Exmouth for active military members.
  • New summer internships.
  • Expanded volunteer fire fighting training to include virtual sessions.
  • New leadership courses delivered in Exmouth by Melbourne Business School.

Today’s announcement comes as Raytheon Australia celebrates a decade in Exmouth serving as the capability partner for defence at the HEH precinct, where the new Space Surveillance Telescope facility was commissioned in late 2022. This facility enables Exmouth to provide greater levels of space awareness for Australia and the US, creating a pipeline of space careers in the region.

Ward said that the “Invested in Exmouth” program will bolster the region to deliver this complex capability. “Ten years ago, the maritime domain was Raytheon Australia’s primary focus – specifically the naval communication systems it was contracted to maintain, and it remains steadfastly committed to supporting this crucial capability for the next 50 years. But it is important to adapt to the ever-changing threat environment and security challenges facing the Alliance.

“In addition to the technical work we’ve accomplished in Exmouth, we have also generated dozens of education opportunities, provided $50 million in work for local businesses and have sustained more than 120 local jobs. The collaboration between the Exmouth community and Raytheon Australia is a practical demonstration of what can be achieved when people come together with a shared vision,” Ward said.

Click here for information about the “Invested in Exmouth” program.

For further information: Raytheon Australia: Danielle DeSantis | +61 (0) 467 724 182 | Danielle.desantis@raytheon.com.au